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Катержинская пещера

Маршрут / Visiting Rules


  • The tour of the cave takes approx. 40 minutes.
  • The maximum permitted number of visitors in one group is 60 people.
  • At the entrance to the cave groups pre-booked by e-mail or telephone have a priority over other visitors.
  • If a pre-booked group does not present itself at the ticket office at least 20 minutes before its visit, it loses its priority over other groups.
  • Visitors should wait at the time booked with their tickets  at the entrance to the cave.
  • The cave may be partially or completely closed for security or other reasons.


  • During the visit of the cave, visitors must follow the guide’s instructions. They must not interrupt  their tour information.
  • Visitors should pay due care and attention and following the guide’s instructions throughout the tour, and in particular on staircases and in narrow spaces, or those with low ceilings.
  • In the event of the unexpected (e.g. power cuts), visitors must remain where they are, keep calm and and follow the instructions of the guide.
  • Visitors must report without delay any injury or indisposition to the guide.
  • Visitors who have pre-paid photography permits are not allowed to separate from the group or otherwise delay or restrict other visitors.
  • Due to the cold, the high air humidity and the demandingness of the route, entry to the cave is not recommended for children under the age of 3, or people who are seriously ill.
  • The temperature in the cave is approx. 8°C. Warm clothing is recommended.

Entry to the cave is forbidden to:

  • dogs and other animals (There are no exceptions to this rule)
  • people under the influence of alcohol
  • unaccompanied persons
  • children under the age of 10 without their parents or other responsible person (teacher, etc)


In the cave it is forbidden to:

  • disturb the bats
  • touch, snap off or in any other way damage dripstone and sinter decorations and walls in the cave
  • enter any rooms beyond the limits of the marked routes, or to detach yourself from the group led by the guide
  • dump rubbish or in any other way despoil the interior of the cave
  • carry bulky packages, sporting equipments, walking sticks, umbrellas, tripods and similar items into the cave
  • take photographs or make video recordings without a pre-paid photo permit
  • smoke, drink or eat
  • touch any of the electrical or other equipment


  • Any breach of these rules can lead to early termination of a visit without refund of the entrance charge.
  • Criminal proceedings will be started against anyone who commits a serious breach of these rules (particularly by damaging dripstone decorations).
  • Visitors can write down their wishes, praises, remarks, complains into the complaints book which will be put forward on demand at the ticket office. Complaints, comments and other remarks can be included in the visitors’ book which is available on demand at the ticket office.

The caves are a part of a special area protected by law ČNR Nr.114/92 on the  preservation of nature and natural landscapes. For this reason, all visitors must respect its requirements both on the surface and underground, must not damage natural phenomena (rock formations, tree species, plants etc.) and must only use paths open to the public. Breach of the preservation or damaging specially protected parts of nature is liable to a penalty of  up to 50,000 CZK.

                RNDr. Jaroslav Hromas                                             Jiří Hebelka                                                    Ing. Roman Plíšek

Director of the Cave Administration                      Manager of the Cave Administration                      Manager of Catherine´s Cave

                of the Czech Republic                                          of the Moravian Karst