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Trasa / Visiting Rules

Opening hours

  • Caves are open to the public based on the approved opening hours.
  • Times of individual tours are organised by the operation dispatcher according to the number of visitors, the language used during the tour, ZAJ capacity. Information on tour times is available through the operation dispatcher at the cashier desk.
  • Cave tours last approximately 50–60 minutes.
  • Special cave tours outside of the regular opening hours may be arranged if operational conditions allow it and after agreement with the cave administration office. The group must consist of at least 10 paying members. 100% extra fee is charged for each person.
  • If required for safety or other reasons, the caves may be closed either partially or completely. Should the cave be closed for a longer time, a notice will be posted on the given facility, published at, and disseminated in the relevant media.

Entry to the cave

  • The minimum number of people in each group is 5 and the maximum is 40.
  • The minimum time interval between tours is 15 minutes.
  • If there are fewer visitors, the waiting time may reach up to 60 minutes.
  • Group tours booked in advance have priority over other visitors. If a group fails to show up at the cashier at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time, that group will lose its priority right to enter the cave.
  • Tour fees are paid prior to entry to the cave and the amount of the entry ticket or possible discounts are specified in the current price list.
  • After purchasing tickets visitors should gather at the established time at the terrace in the building. Visitors will be notified about the beginning of the tour by the dispatcher.
  • Organised groups must also provide their own group leaders.
  • If the cave administration office cannot provide a tour guide equipped with the necessary foreign language, the group leader must inform the members of the group about their obligations under the Visitor’s Rules.
  • Visitors can only make audivisual recordings without using a tripod, selfie stick and flash. It is not allowed to retard the tour, move away from the group and hold down other visitors. If this instruction is violated, the guide may forbid making audiovisual recordings. Images and video recordings may not be used for commercial purposes without the aproval of the Cave Administration of the Czech Republic.

Cave tours – recommendation

  • The route is 375 m long and includes 126 stairs.
  • People who have difficulties climbing stairs should not take the tour.
  • The temperature in the cave is always around 14°C; warm clothing is recommended.
  • Due to the length of the tour and the difficulty of the route, we do not recommend that children under the age of 3 take the tour.

Prohibited entry

You may not enter the cave:

  • without a tour guide;
  • if you are under the influence of alcohol or other psychoactive substances;
  • if you are a child under the age of 10 without adult accompaniment.

Visitor’s obligations

Throughout the entire tour visitors are obligated to:

  • observe instructions of the tour guide and not disturb the narration;
  • take extra caution when moving through the cave and hold on to handrails when necessary;
  • not enter areas marked with a warning sign “Contaminated with gas”;
  • should any extraordinary event occur visitors must remain in one location, keep calm, and observe the instructions of the tour guide;
  • immediately report any injury or illness (including cases of nausea) to the tour guide.

Protection of nature and cave equipment

The caves are a part of a special area protected by law ČNR Nr.114/92 on the preservation of nature and natural landscapes. For this reason, all visitors must respect its requirements both on the surface and underground, must not damage natural phenomena (rock formations, tree species, plants etc.) and must only use paths open to the public. Breach of the preservation or damaging specially protected parts of nature is liable to a penalty of up to 50,000 CZK.

It is prohibited:

  • touch, break, or damage stalactites, sinter deposits, cave walls, or other cave formations
  • smoke, eat, drink, discard rubbish, or otherwise contaminate the caves
  • enter areas outside the tour walkways or leave the guided group,
  • bring large luggage, sporting equipment, hiking sticks, umbrellas, strollers, etc into the caves; these items may be stored upon request at the cashier
  • disturb bats, bring dogs or other animals into caves (cave administration office does not provide animal watch services; the animal owner is responsible for any damage caused by his or her pet)
  • touch electrical or safety equipment

Special events (concerts, gatherings, cultural performances, etc)

  • Should there be a special cultural event, the operation of the cave is managed by the dispatcher based on the type of
  • Visitors are obligated to observe the instructions issued by cave staff.
  • Furthermore, visitors are not allowed to move away or leave the group or the designated areas. Any need to leave the designated area must be reported to ZAJ staff.
  • Applicable provisions specified in paragraph 2 through 6 also apply to special event management.

Final provisions

  • Should these rules be violated, the cave tour may be terminated prematurely and without reimbursement.
  • Should the Visitor’s Rules be seriously violated (especially if cave formations are damaged), civil or criminal prosecution will be initiated against the offender.
  • Wishes, suggestions, comments, or complaints may be submitted in writing by making a note in the comment book which is available upon request at the entry ticket office or at