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Zbrašov Aragonite Caves


Hranice Abyss

With a total measured depth of 473.5 metres, the Hranice Abyss is the deepest chasm in the Czech Republic and the deepest flooded abyss in the world. The bottom has not yet been reached. An unusual karst process formed the unique chasm from the bottom up. In the case of the Hranice Abyss, the karst agent is not water, but a lukewarm carbonic mineral water, heavily gassed with carbon dioxide. The aggressive acidulous water emerging from deep cracks ate away the limestone mass from below and created a cavity that caused the thin ceiling to collapse, opening the hollow to the surface.

Hranice Abyss

Deepest Underwater Cave

Spa Teplice nad Bečvou

Clients with coronary-vascular troubles are treated through the use of strongly mineralized water with a high carbon dioxide content.

Spa Teplice nad Bečvou

Hranice town

A picturesque town with a historical centre, magical narrow streets, and arcades that provide pleasant shade in summer and protection from bad weather in winter. Pleasant walks in the château gardens, in a historical park, or along the Bečva River. All this can be found in the town of Hranice, which boasts a rich history, interesting sights, a magical countryside in the immediate surroundings, and incredible natural attractions. A Baroque church, Renaissance houses, a synagogue, the Old Town Hall, a Renaissance château, and many other sights and attractions can be found in the historical centre of Hranice, which has been declared an urban heritage zone.


Town Museum and Gallery, Hranice


The Helfštýn castle is situated only 4 km from Lipník nad Bečvou town. Risen on the top of a hill in woodlands, it reminds of a medieval residence hidden from civilisation. It is, however, easily reached on a road with a car park only 100 m from the main entry gate. The castle is, in fact, a spacious fortress with six gates, several towers, buildings and a 18thcentury „wide wall“. Individual parts of the castle were bulit since the beginning of 14th century. The style mixture is due to the frequent re-building, extending and also intentional half-demolishing in 1656. The looks of the castle were strongly influenced by its important owners. The founder of the castle, Friduš of Linava, was succeeded by Masters of Kravaře, the Pernštejn dynasty and the Bruntal dynasty of Vrbno town. Since 19th centruy the castle has been presented as a historically-important building. Nowadays it became a cultural centre of this region and a place famous for hosting international festivals of art blacksmiths „Hefaiston“ with a permanent exhibition. The intention is to make the Helfštýn castle an internationally – acclaimed centre of decorative metalwork. It is also the reason for its continuous restoration.

Helfštýn Castle

Lipník nad Bečvou

The town Lipnik nad Bečvou is situated in the valley of Moravská Brána by the Bečva river. In 1989 the heart of the town was, thanks to its well-preserved historical treasures, declared a nationally-protected area. Surrounded by medieval walls with bastions, the town can pride itself on many valuable historical buildings. Amongst them there is a chateau from 16th century with a park full of rare wood species, 17thcentury Church of St. Francis of Sarafina and a former college (1660 – 1670) with a plague to one of its students, the famous genetician Gregor Mendel. The 17thcentury parish Church of St. James the Greater and Renaissance campanile with a sun clock of 1609 are two insperable parts of the town’s panorama. The town centre is adorned by its Reaissance Town Hall rebuilt in late Empire style, original houses with stately arcades round the square and in the adjacent streets, two Baroque fountains and Marian column. A former synagogue and a Jewish cemetery are the two reminders of a strong Jewish community.

Lipník nad Bečvou - Tourist Information Center