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Kateřinská (Catherine) Cave

The entry to the Kateřinská (Catherine) Cavee can be found in the deep Canyon of Suchý Žleb near the Skalní mlýn Information Center. The access is through an entrance passage leading to the Main Dome, known for ages. With the size of 96x44x20 m the Main Dome is the largest underground space accessible to the public to be found on the territory of the Czech Republic. For its excellent acoustics the cave is occasionally used for vocal and instrumental concerts. The cave includes the New Kateřinská (Catherine) Cave discovered in 1909 by Karel Absolon’s group of spelaeologists. The beauties of the cave include the stalagmite Witch lit by spot-lights of different colours, and the Bamboo Forest, a group of rare, several metres high stick-shaped stalagmites. The entrance portal is a significant archaeological and paleonthological monument. There is also the unique finding of a mass of skeletons of cave bears in one of the chimneys of the cave.

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