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Na Špičáku Cave

The Cave „Na Špičáku“ was mentioned for the first time in written documents in 1430 by Anthonius Wale. In this way it is the oldest cave in the central Europe supported by the written evidence. The cave served people as a hiding place and the numerous epigraphic inscriptions on the walls give us testimony about it. (The oldest epigraph comes from 1519). In the period of 1884 –1885 the German Mountain Club opened the cave to the public. However, the conditions were primitive at that time. Since 1955 the cave has been open to the public in the way and form as we can see it today. The underground maze of corridors and fissures is more than 400 meters long and it was created in the Devonian marble (the marine sediments are old 350 - 380 milion years). The development of the karst spaces was prominently influenced by the water of a melted glacier. This water gave the cave the final form and created the typical heart shaped profile of the corridors. The visit route is 230 meters long and it is barrier-free.