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Na Pomezí Caves

Characteristics / Piquancies


From the total length of 1,320 m of the underground system of the Na Pomezí Caves, 450 m is adapted and only 390 m is the length of the tour opened to the public. Other cave areas cannot be added to the visitor route since they are highly rugged, narrow profiles of the corridors are too complicated in some parts and there are also great differences in elevations. Any attempt to make them accessible would destroy them. In 1999, detailed photo documentation was prepared by workers of the cave administration. It illustrates the diversity and multiplicity of forms of stalactite and stalagmite decoration in areas that were not made accessible.

In the proximity of the Na Pomezí Caves there are nine other smaller caves which altogether form one genetic complex and hydrological system. The deepest parts of the mentioned Rasovna Cave are at a distance of only 20–25 m from the corridors of the Na Pomezí Caves. In 2008, cavers of the Czech Speleological Society from Jeseník already discovered the connection with the cave called Liščí díra on the other side of the system and crawled through it. Thus, the total length of the cave system is known to be 1,760 m so far.

In the Liščí díra Cave speleologists discovered the biggest cave area of this karst region, Rumový dóm (Debris Dome) with an area of 40 x 20 m and height of 15 m, with extraordinarily rich stalactite and stalagmite decoration and with the biggest sinter column of this region, with a height of 7 m. Interconnection with a nearby 15 m long shaft cave called Netopýrka can also be expected. It is however supposed that the main key to the whole underground karst system of the Na Pomezí Caves is Smrčnické propadání (Smrčník Sink). A half-blind valley is situated in the forest above the caves where a brook running from the slopes of the Smrčník Hill disappears into the clayey debris. Dye tests proved that after flowing through so far unknown floors of the cave system, after only 1 hour water seeps into the karst springs 61 m lower, in the valley of the Vidnávka River. If you want to get through Smrčnické propadání to the underground, you have to excavate a deep blind shaft in unstable debris where water flows through. In the 1970s, the 20 m deep blind shaft made by speleologists from the Homeland Studies Museum in Olomouc was destroyed by a single flash flood.