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Balcarka Cave

Characteristics / Evolution of the Caves


In total, there are more than 1,100 caves and abysses in the Moravian Karst. They were formed by gradual erosion and corrosion activities of atmospheric water and its subterranean streams in tectonically disturbed and relatively soluble layers of limestones.

Regarding its development, the Balcarka Cave belongs to the complex hydrographic system of the Ostrov-Vilémovice waters now springing from Malý výtok (Little Discharge) near the Punkva Caves. The cave development was already initiated in periods before the Badenian flooding, probablyin the early Tertiary. Near the boundary of limestones and non-karstic Culm rocks it formed a ponor of so-called Ostrov waters (today’s Krasovský and Lopač brooks). It was predominantly their scour activity and subsequent collapses of ceilings and walls that caused the formation of a labyrinth of corridors and chambers with several levels.

After the Badenian flooding, distinct changes in hydrological conditions in the whole Moravian Karst occurred and the Ostrov waters started to cut their way in the deeper levels of the Suchý žleb Valley towards today’s seepages of the Punkva River.

In spite of their efforts, speleologists did not succeed in getting into the main spaces of this supposed system.