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Balcarka Cave



It is the largest and most important karst region in the Czech Republic. It is situated north of Brno as a part of the Drahanská Highlands with an area of 100 km2 of Devonian limestones (width 3–5 km, length 25 km). Due to its hydrographic conditions, it is divided into the northern segment – the Punkva River System, the middle segment – the Křtinský and Jedovnický Brook System and the southern segment, the Říčka River System.


  • The cave is situated in the northern part of the Moravian Karst, in the picturesque part of the Canyon of Suchý Žleb near Ostrov u Macochy in the nature reserve called Balcar Rock – Vintoky.
  • It is a labyrinth of cave passages, chambers and abysses on three height levels.
  • The cave is richly decorated with various colorful stalactites and stalagmites.
  • The entrance portal of the cave portal has been known since long ago and therefore it is also a significant paleontological and archaeological site.
  • The complex of passages and chambers was discovered little by little from 1923 to 1948.
  • The total length of spaces known today is up to 1150 meters with denivelation of over 40 m.
  • The cave tour is 600 m long.
  • Tour duration: 45 min.
  • Air temperature: 7–8°C (46°F), relative humidity: ca. 99 %